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We met recently with a local university to help develop a certification program regionally for digital marketing. I love the fact that a university is open to this. As described by the educators, they simply can not put together a 4+ year curriculum that will be able to keep their students on up-to-date on modern digital marketing strategies. As well, they’ll be opening their doors to non-graduates. I think this is outstanding.

As I spoke with the educators, I likened Marketing to Electrical Engineering. The ability to acquire a Bachelors, Masters, or even Doctorate in Electrical Engineering never stopped the demand for practical usage. Unions developed apprenticeships for just this reason, providing levels of hands-on experience with quality controls in place for Apprentice Electricians, Journeymen Electricians, and Masters Electricians. While it’s still engineers that did the research and development of new technologies, it’s Apprentices, Journeymen, and Masters that applied the strategies.

One site that has over 70 courses already on digital marketing strategies is Pluralsight. Each of the courses is rated, the authors provide a full biography, a full description is provided, and the full curriculum is detailed. Pluralsight offers courses, webinars, live conferences, and helpful articles.

As your industry and business model evolve, you need a learning solution that helps you deliver key innovations on time and on budget. With our platform, you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align learning to key business objectives and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, design, security, mobile and data.

Here’s an example, Social Media Marketing for Your Startup:

Social Media for Startups Course

Perhaps one of the best things about Pluralsight is that it’s a flat subscription fee per month.

If you’re a business, they also provide team solutions to test and benchmark your employees‘ skill levels and track them over time.

Business Skillset Testing and Benchmarking

Pluralsight also offers mentoring, with real-time video chat sessions directly within their learning management system.

Pluralsight Mentoring

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