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Poken: Boost Networking at Corporate Events

Poken provides tools and technology for tradeshow managers, exhibitors and event organizers to create interactive and exciting events. Equipped with the Poken mobile app and NFC+ products, people can collect digital content in the real world from smart tags, and digitally exchange all their contact details with a touch.

The Poken device is a patented device that enables you to digitally exchange your contact details with a touch, or collect digital content that’s stored in special stickers that they call “tags”, just by touching them. The Poken allows you to create a digital business card with all your social network profiles, and swap it with other people simply touching pokens. Collect digital content offline (such as videos, coupons, brochures, photos), and have it all organized and available online.


The Poken mobile application allows you to touch and collect the business information of others at the event or capture documents via QR codes shared at the event.

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Driving Employee Experience: The Critical Role of Internal Communications

Driving Employee Experience: The Critical Role of Internal Communications

With communications being key to both engagement and employee experience, we set out to investigate how comms are conducted by IC teams and how they resonate with employees. Download Now

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