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You folks know how partial I am to my friends atFormstack as an online form builder, but as an agency, we don’t always get to work with the apps we love. Today, we deployed a landing page strategy for a company that already has Wufoo fully integrated in their lead management process.

One of the things we always ensure is that we recognize how every lead gets sourced so that we can apply the appropriate budget to each medium and maximize leads while keeping the cost per lead down. Utilizing an online form builder like Wufoo, you might think that it’s impossible to set up a hidden field and prepopulate that field… it’s actually quite simple.

Add a new field and set the CSS keyword to hidden. This will ensure that the field is never displayed on the form regardless of how it’s distributed.
wufoo hidden

Now, view the form live and find out what the name of your field is that’s hidden. Modify the embed JavaScript to prepopulate the field with the source (in this case, we’re going to utilize a campaign code). We didn’t want to hardcode this value since we’re going to copy this landing page and put up dozens more. Now we can simply copy the page and just edit the JavaScript.

Here’s a sample with the default value set on the field:
wufoo code

You can also set the field value utilizing a URL querystring, too, to prepopulate the value! It looks like this:


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