Postacumen: Competitive Analysis for Facebook Pages


Where does your brand rank in on Facebook with regard to your competitors? What are the types of content and images that your competitors are sharing that are driving engagement to their brand instead of yours? When is the community engaged in your industry? These are the questions that Postacumen provides analytics and reporting for.

Postacumen allows you to measure your Facebook presence with up to 4 other Facebook pages so that you can compile and analyze your competition’s strategies – in real-time. Features include:

  • Industry Report – Analyze competitive metrics such as estimated reach and clicks.
  • Monocle – monitor the news feed right now, updated every 30 sec.
  • Post Visualizer – sort posts by a variety of metrics to identify content opportunities.
  • Strategy Analysis – understand what type of tactics each brand is using in their Facebook marketing.
  • Best Photos – visually analyze which photos are receiving the best engagement.
  • Pulse – analyze when and what people are engaging with in your industry.
  • Page Profiles – review a Page’s metrics as a whole.

Postacumen reports are fully exportable as CSV files and PDFs so that you can easily share them.

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