Postano 2.5: Adding Creativity and Customization To Social Display Visualizations

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We’ve written about the amazing social media command centers and arena displays powered by Postano, a sponsor of this site. Postano is the platform we utilize to curate our footer bar that displays posts of mentions of our sponsors in social media. Postano has continued to develop its visual marketing offerings in their newest release, quickly becoming a leading platform for displaying user generated content for sports, fashion, consumer product goods, entertainment, travel, and advertising and event agency verticals.

The LA Kings used the Photo Mosaic visualization, made up of fan photos tagged #WeAreAllKings, on their homepage after winning the Stanley Cup.


The Postano version 2.5 release includes advanced social filtering options, a Style Editor for custom visualizations, new dynamic data visualizations, and other product enhancements. Together these additions create a powerful advanced platform for brands to discover their fans, and quickly curate and publish the very best fan content all from a single dashboard.

Integrating social content from campaigns into environments such as events, retail stores, stadiums, and lobbies is transforming how brands recognize their biggest fans and activate their customers. With this release, we have provided our customers with some very powerful tools to help unleash their creativity. Our customers are looking to take their social display visualizations to the next level, and with these key new features, they can creatively and imaginatively do so, and truly produce one-of-a-kind experiences. Justin Garrity, SVP, Postano

  • Style Editor – A set of on-screen tools, which allows brands to create custom social visualizations with the ability to modify fonts, colors, and choose from a set of attractive templates. The Style Editor includes a CSS editor to give web designers unprecedented control over the look and feel of their visualizations. The Style Editor also includes the ability to add images and insert sponsor content as interstitial views in the display.
  • Smart Streams – Provide multiple filtering controls for including and excluding mentions, hashtags, and other key terms. Smart Streams allow brands to tailor their content in just the right way to improve the process of curation and UGC selection. These Postano Platform tools help brands portray their unique qualities to key audiences, and make telling that story through social visualizations simple.
  • Powerful new data visualizations – New photo mosaic visualization (pictured below), local browser caching to prevent internet disconnects from affecting displays, easier social monitoring organization capabilities, and speed improvements.

The Smart Streams interface allows brands to create tailored streams of fan content filtered for their exact social campaign needs.


The Style Editor gives brands complete control to create and customize social visualizations for display.


Postano is a real-time, visual marketing platform that finds and curates the best social fan content and publishes that content as stunning visualizations across web, mobile and live screen displays for industries such as sports, retail, events and beyond. Postano has partnered with major brands to create a platform for brands and fans to tell their stories together. Postano customers include BCBG, CFDA, Evernote, Google, L.A. Kings, Oregon Ducks, YOOX, and many others.


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      Not likely Gavin – Postano really specializes in companies that have visual display outputs, like retail sites, corporations, events and conferences, and sports arenas!

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