Postano Evolves the Sports Social Media Command Center

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Quite a bit has evolved since social media command centers hit the scene. You may have read about them in sports when our friends at Radious developed the first social media command center for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Key to the command center were four goals…

  • Safety – respond first to any safety-oriented issue or crisis.
  • Service – respond to any negative dialog related to the city or event.
  • Coverage – know what’s happening when and where, capture it and publish it.
  • Amplification – find positive dialog, or positive consumer content, and amplify it.

Technology has enabled additional integration capabilities now – and our sponsor, Postano, is at the forefront of developing the most advanced sports social media command centers on the planet.


These social media command centers were social hubs that were mostly utilized for monitoring, and each of the users would respond via their local device. Postano has taken the social media command center to new heights by taking the center from a monitoring tool to a proactive publishing tool. Postano combines their Social Hub, Command Center, Events and Social Walls and Mobile to create a totally immersive experience where content can be both collected, curated and published all in real-time!

The game day experience is truly unique, and Sun Devil Athletics aims to provide our fans with an interactive experience at Sun Devil Stadium. With Postano video board and website integration, we are able to highlight fan content from social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook on the video board during ASU athletic events and increase overall fan engagement. Grace Hoy, Social Media Coordinator ASU

Postano, TigerLogic Corporation’s social platform, now allows universities to create social media command centers and harness the social media power of college athletics fans. University of Virginia, University of Oregon, Arizona State University, and others are using Postano products to add additional goals and opportunities to the social media command center:

  • Collection – the ability to collect visual assets (photos and video) in real-time.
  • Curation – the ability to segment, tag and filter incoming data for usage.
  • Display – display fan-centric social media posts and images during college football games.


Social networks are the most popular media channels for college athletic fans to engage, celebrate and share great game moments during live games and events. When fans see their photos, videos, and messages from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and others displayed on large screens during the event, engagement and participation spikes significantly from other fans. The surge of activity ripples across the web and even increases engagement of those fans not in attendance, leading up to, during, and after a game day.


Postano allows innovative schools to provide a holistic view of these conversations to their fans, building meaningful, long-term relationships using a mix of social content visuals on the web, within mobile apps, and on large displays placed at strategic locations that present social content in new dynamic ways at during live sporting events.

In addition to these products, Postano provides custom design options for optimal university branded experiences and on-going support of physical displays and monitors on location. Postano has partnered with CBS Sports College Network to help provide collegiate athletic programs with access to Postano’s powerful social media platform. Their Top 10 Program allows for collaboration between their collegiate partners in order to pioneer the social experience.

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    Blown away by that setup. I was expecting a regular office, but I was wrong. Their HQ lies near where the action is.

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