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Community Management Done Right

Although their roles may greatly differ from one industry to the next, community managers are usually the ones responsible for brand audience growth and engagement. Always the first in line to cater to your clients’ needs and requests, they stay focused on what’s best for your company: helping retain brand community fans, defeat inevitable trolls, and improve your brand’s overall perception.

Whether sorting through posts and messages, organizing events, or turning negative feedback into positive, community managers are the ultimate bridge between the customer community and your brand…juggling multiple duties and responsibilities at once. On one hand, they inspire supporters to become champions—granting them online recognition, moderator status, and exclusive access to company information. On the other, they identify, assess, and resolve conflicts and fallouts among community members, keeping negative feedback from affecting your corporate image.

How do they achieve such bold goals? According to Get Satisfaction, keeping a tight-knit community is challenging but definitely doable for those properly equipped. Check out their community manager resource and guide to success:


Kelsey Cox

Kelsey Cox is the Director of Communications at Column Five, a creative agency that specializes in data visualization, infographics, visual campaigns, and digital PR in Newport Beach, Calif. She is passionate about the future of digital content, advertising, branding and good design. She also really enjoys the beach, cooking, and craft beer.

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