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Presentation: The Power of Infographics

Muhammad Yasin has developed a fantastic and in-depth presentation on the power and strategy of infographic creation, distribution and promotion. We’ve spoken about infographics quite a bit on MarTech and our agency is developing and designing more infographics than ever before.

Why are they so popular? The simple reason is that infographics have a combination of being both attractive, portable, and easily digested. Notice I didn’t say accurate? That’s because I don’t think the purpose of infographics is necessarily to always answer the question – sometimes it’s just to stimulate the reader into taking a deeper look at a topic. From a strategic standpoint, an infographic is an incredible tactic to leverage both search and social media.

Mahammad works for our client, HCCMIS, a company that provides travel medical insurance to companies… even ours since we work overseas as well as domestically.

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