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PPC Brand Campaign

So you’re operating a business in a saturated market. Most likely, this means that you’re up against some pretty steep average CPCs for keywords. Or maybe you’re a local small business owner, who’d love to break into online advertising but just don’t feel as though you have enough marketing budget to compete. As the popularity of internet and PPC marketing has grown, so has competition, which in turn drives up cost. Before you decide that PPC just isn’t working for you (or won’t work, if you haven’t started yet), consider the Brand Campaign.

In our experience, most PPC advertisers begin by targeting keywords that are relevant and closely related to their business. If you’re in real estate, you’ll bid on keywords such as ‘homes for sale,’ ‘buy a house,’ and so on. This makes perfect sense, and is exactly what any Help Center or guide to PPC will tell you to do. What if those keywords just cost too much for the daily or monthly budget that you have to spend? Your next step would likely be to look for less expensive keywords to bid on. Rather than continuing to mine for those few magical low-cost keywords that are similar to the expensive ones, consider building a campaign based solely on brand terms. By ‘brand terms,’ I mean keywords that are based on your brand name.

As an example, we’ll use my fictional tea business and list a few brand-related keywords:

  • Teafor2
  • Teafortwo
  • Tea42
  • Tea4two
  • store
  • Teafor2 teapot
  • Tea for 2

As you can see, all of the terms listed here are in some way related to the brand name, Creating Brand Campaigns such as this one tend to be a great way to build your brand awareness, and run a successful PPC campaign for less money than you would spend chasing the more popular—and therefore more expensive—keywords.

teafor2 brand campaign s

Now that you’ve got the basic idea behind Brand Campaigns, here are a few tips to consider when getting started:

  1. Add Google Sitelinks to your ads in the Brand Campaign, in order to take users further into your site and provide additional options when your ad appears.
  2. Don’t forget about location and phone extensions, as well. Especially if you’re a local small business. Showing users exactly where you are and providing a quick link to call you can help to boost the impact of your Brand Campaign ads.
  3. Brand Campaigns are great for seasonal businesses, as they provide a lower-cost campaign option that can be run year-round. For example, if you sell swimming pool supplies, you may not be interested in running your ads in the middle of winter when your sales are typically low. However, running a Brand Campaign through all months of the year will keep your name out there, as well as bring in some of that off-season traffic when your seasonal ads aren’t running.

We created brand campaigns for most of my clients, some of which were running exclusively on brand terms, and others who ran a Brand Campaign alongside traditional campaigns. In many cases, we’ve found that the Brand Campaign outperformed the others at a lower cost. It’s a great way for PPC newcomers to jump in without having to spend a ton of money, or for more advanced and experienced PPC account managers to rev up a tired account.

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