Keep Press Releases in your 2009 Marketing Strategy

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Good friend Lorraine Ball, who runs an Indianapolis marketing agency called Roundpeg, has worked with me over the last year on a couple of clients. One of my lessons learned from Lorraine is the incredible reach that press releases still get. It’s amazing how many outlets republish releases – and how many that eventually get into blogs. This can be huge for backlinking, authority, and getting the word out on your company.

Perhaps most notable is that you don’t have to wait for the big event to happen at your company to publish a press release. Something as simple as a webinar announcement or a new case study is great material! Don’t discount press releases in your 2009 Marketing strategy. Thanks to Scott Whitlock at Flexware Innovation, a manufacturing technology company. Scott dropped me a note asking about the PR outlets I previously recommended and I figured it would make a great blog post.

Those outlets are PRWeb and PRLeap if you’re a do-it-yourself marketer. Writing Press Releases is a little bit of an art form if you really want them to get legs, though. Call Lorraine if you need help there!


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    Thanks for the link and the note Doug. We are going to be ramping up our use of online marketing this year. Your help to me personally has been incredible!

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