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Every day I receive dozens of pitches in my inbox. Many of them are poorly written, most aren’t relevant to my site, but there’s always a nugget of gold in the pile of PR spam so I pay attention. I received a pitch this week where the email appeared quite a bit different and provided a positive pitch experience for me.

I love this opportunity to inform the public relations firm at the other end about the accuracy of the pitch. If I liked the pitch (which was below the buttons), I simply had to reply to the email address it came from. What a fantastic way and a polite means for public relations professionals to ensure relevance with the influencer or blogger they’re communicating with.

While I responded to the specific pitch, I also checked out the platform it was written on – Pressrush. With Pressrush, you can set up alerts on topics, create pitches, research influencers, and develop custom lists to send to. And when your pitches are sent, they utilize the method that I describe above.

I strongly believe that the solution is not to send more pitches. The solution is to build long lasting relationships starting with personal, well researched, highly targeted, and correctly timed outreach. With PressRush, I set out to build a tool to help you do just that.Ville Laurikari, Founder of Pressrush.

Building a list is simple using the internal search engine for Journalists. Here’s a result for analytics and metrics, where you find yours truly:

Pressrush Search

And if you click onto my profile, you can get all the latest posts that I’ve published along with links to my social profiles and email address.

Douglas Karr

Targets can be filtered by age, location and publication. They can also be sorted by recency or relevance. Once you review each journalist, you can add them to a specific media list that can be downloaded or pitched to. Best of all, as contact information changes, your lists are kept up to date.

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