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    The principal function of management is not to control but to enable. When organizations begin to focus on limiting what people can do rather than embracing the ability of people to create, you start to have serious problems.

    Unfortuantely, many managers are stuck in the mentality that management requires dictating how someone else should work. In reality, great managers are people who remove roadblocks to work so that the smart people in the organization have the ability to exercise their brilliance instead of battling the system.

    We covered what happens to employees under oppressive management last month for our Superbowl Ad edition of The Methodology Blog. See the full story at:



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      Amen, Robby! Too many managers believe that it’s their job to ‘improve’ employees rather than ‘enabling’ employees. I’ve always had people bill me as an ‘easy boss’, but I’ve also always exceeded any expectations when given the opportunity.

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