Native Advertising: A New Way of Promoting Your Products

Native Advertising

If you’ve been marketing your products for a long time with little in the way of positive results, then maybe it’s time you considered native advertising as a permanent solution to your problems. Native ads will help you, particularly when it comes to boosting your existing social media ads as well as driving highly targeted users to your content. But first, let’s dive into the what of native ads before we think of the how.

What is Native Advertising?

The most used definition of a native ad is the one by the Content Marketing Institute, which describes native advertising as:

Any form of paid advertising that delivers information that is highly targeted, interesting, and useful to your audience such that it is distinguishable from non-ad or native content.

It’s advertising in a way that your audience does not immediately interpret the content as an ad but sees it as regular content. Additionally, the content is already both useful and interesting for your audience so it won’t seem intrusive or off-putting.

Native ads come in many different shapes and sizes. You could do it on Google in the form of paid search results. You could also do it on social media in the form of sponsored or promoted posts on Facebook, sponsored updates on LinkedIn, and promoted listings on Twitter. You can also post articles on high authority sites like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Forbes. You may also use content recommendation engines to do your native ads. These are the lists of recommended articles from all over the internet that appear at the bottom of articles you read on some websites.

So how do you integrate native ads into your marketing campaign?

Have a Clear Goal

Native ads have numerous benefits no matter what form they take. They can help you build awareness and trust for your brand as well as help you gain more subscribers for your content. One significant advantage is that you don’t always have to keep churning out new content. You can attract new audiences using posts that you had already published previously. There are other benefits that you get with native ads, such as social proof and effective SEO for your brand. Native ads collect social proof in the form of likes and comments, unlike more traditional banner ads. When you promote your posts on a social media platform, you get to present your message to a larger audience, which means you get more traffic for your blog or your website. Native advertising is particularly useful when you’re just starting and haven’t got your SEO in order just yet.

With the kind of social proof you get from native ads, your message seems more credible and therefore more likely to go viral. When more people are aware of your brand, it can translate into higher authority for your brand in the form of social signals and links, which can help get your site ranked higher.

With native advertising, you can also massively grow your audience on social media. Your sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter can bring in new followers and likes, though only if the content resonates with the viewers.

Quality before Quantity

To get the most out of your negative ads, you will have to create content that provides value to your readers, is interesting, and also attracts attention. Erin Schneider, editor at an online cheap essay writing service, says,

Whatever you do, don’t create content that looks like you’re pitching your product. People don’t like to be openly sold to.

To begin with, make sure you publish the content in the native ad on your website. You should also make sure that the quality of the content is high, that it includes a call to action, and that it is well targeted to the right audience that won’t find it too disruptive.

Make Good Use of Targeting

Always go for users that are already either your customers or very similar to your customers. You should also use retargeting to your advantage, going for people who have already visited your website before to view any of your products or services.

Native Ads work out of Social Media, Too

As we mentioned at the beginning, native advertising includes more than just promoted posts on social media. You can also write sponsored articles on top media sites like Forbes and Buzz Feed. These posts will attract attention to your brand and may even change existing negative perceptions about your brand.

Depending on how tight your budget is, you will also find content recommendation services useful. They can dramatically increase the number of views you get on your content by placing it within the site of a larger publisher.


However you look at it, native advertising is pretty useful, with a majority of marketers now actively using it. It’s a great way to catch new audiences and get your brand out there.

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