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Why Product Video is a Priority and 5 Types of Videos You Should Produce

2015 was a record-breaking year for product video, with video views up 42% from 2014. That’s not the entire story, though. 45% of all video views occurred on a mobile device. In fact, in the last quarter of 2015, Mobile video views grew 6 times faster than desktop video views  Tweet This!. This and other data provided in Invodo’s 2015 Product Video Benchmarks Report has all the justification marketers need to implement a video strategy… immediately.

Download Invodo’s 2015 Product Video Benchmarks Report

We’ve been working with all of our clients to ensure that their content strategy includes:

  • Explainer Videos – to fully explain complex issues that their products or services assist with, providing better comprehension, positioning, engagement and conversion.
  • Product Tours – a walk-through of product features or processes that your company can assist with.
  • Testimonials – it’s not enough to position your product or service, you should have client videos with real clients expressing the results they were able to attain.
  • Thought Leadership – providing videos that help your customers attain success within their industry or with your product or service will increase your value to them.
  • How-to Videos – many clients would love to avoid phone calls and screenshares to learn how to do things. Providing a library of how-to videos can help your customers quickly solve issues and maximize their use of your products.

Here’s Invodo’s Infographic, Product Video and the Mobile Explosion: 2015 Product Video Benchmarks Recap.

Product Video Growth and Mobile Video Growth

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