Infographic Design Services


Build awareness with an infographic that drives traffic, social sharing and organic search ranking with one of our incredible infographics. 4 or more are discounted at $2,500 each. 10 or more are discounted at $2,000 each. Best of all, we return the raw graphics to you for repurposing!


We’ve developed over 100 infographics for clients including Chase Paymentech, Angie’s List, Salesforce and Oracle. We specialize in highly technical infographics dealing with marketing and/or technology. You can see examples on our portfolio at DK New Media .

Our process is similar to other infographic agencies with a couple of exceptions:

  • If you do not have the topic, we will research the most searched and most shared topics to find an intersect that drives your content strategies.
  • If you do not have primary research, we will do secondary research and pull together engaging statistics and content for your infographic.
  • We will develop a storyline on the infographic that pulls the viewer through to a call-to-action for your business.
  • We will design a unique illustration, publish and optimize the graphic for viewing with the smallest file size for fast loading.
  • If the infographic is marketing or marketing technology related, we will also publish it via this site. Discounts may be applied if you allow co-sponsoring by MarTech.
  • We do not pitch the infographic but will work with your public relations team.

The single biggest differentiator is that we give you, our client, back the raw design files. We do this so that you can repurpose the infographic in your sales collateral or on your site. If you’d like, we can also format the infographic into a PDF presentation or build multiple social graphics to distribute that promote the infographic.

Turnaround time is typically 2 – 3 weeks with minor changes. If you wish to have the design spec redesigned from scratch, we do allow that once but it will delay delivery. We have only been asked to do that once with a client!