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If you’d like to sponsor a post on MarTech, we’ll assist in editing and production of the article. We will fully disclose the post and market it as a sponsored post.


Sometimes you just need to get the word out on a new product or thought leadership article and MarTech is a great place to reach sales, marketing, and business professionals. We’ve worked hard to build credibility in our industry and we’re not going to put that at risk for anyone.

We do have some requirements, though:

  • The article must be originally crafted with our assistance and approved by us.
  • If we reject the article, we will refund your money.
  • If the article has a time constraint with it (e.g. a 30-day campaign), we may remove the article once the deadline is reached.
  • Any associated graphics or photos must be licensed for perpetual use on our site. We require proof of that license and are more than happy to provide a similar image licensed by our provider if you do not.
  • This does not include continuous editing or access to the post for editing. Once it’s published, it’s published.

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