ProofHQ: Online Proofing and Workflow Automation


ProofHQ is a SaaS-based online proofing software that streamlines the review and approval of content and creative assets so that marketing projects are completed faster and with less effort. It replaces email and hard copy processes, giving review teams tools to collaboratively review creative content, and marketing project managers tools to track reviews in progress. ProofHQ can be used across all media including print, digital and audio/visual.

Typically, creative assets are reviewed and approved using emails, hard-copy proofs, screen sharing and a number of other clunky, inefficient processes. ProofHQ solves this problem by providing a cloud-based solution for marketing teams to not only review, edit and collaborate on creative assets but to also have the right individuals and teams approve each asset before moving onto the next phase, which is what ProofHQ’s unique automated workflow does.

Workflow Management: A properly optimized and automated review and approval workflow for your creative assets is crucial for ensuring marketing projects and other deliverables are completed on time. Whether you’re an agency that has different workflows for each client or a brand that encounters internal congestion and compliance issues, you’ll consistently waste time on that are necessary without one. With an automated workflow, creative directors, project managers or marketers managing a team can put repetitive review and approval tasks on autopilot, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best: being more productive and more creative.

Key Features of ProofHQ

  • Easy review and approval process
  • Real-time, intuitive commenting and markup tools
  • Create proofs from 150+ file types
  • Integrations with Project Management and DAM tools such as BaseCamp, Central Desktop, CtrlReviewHQ, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Sharepoint, Xinet, Box, Widen and Workfront
  • Review proofs on PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet
  • Auto-compare multiple versions
  • Quickly share proofs with distributed review teams
  • Track proofs against deadlines
  • Automated workflows
  • Streamline proofs management
  • Time-stamped audit trail


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    ProofHQ is a good start, but for more sophisticated clients, please take a look at Viki Solutions. With 2400% deep zoom, color accuracy, revision compare, packaging specific features, and technology for fast, secure file transfer and global sharing, Viki Solutions satisfies the needs of major brand management agencies around the world. We would love to be a part of an article for you too! I know this is a company post, but I am just trying to help your readers find what they are looking for.

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    We use Proofhub ( and found the proofing tool plus the project and task list templates better than basecamp’s proofhq. The designer team is really responsive and listening to their customers, that was a big plus for us.

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