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One of the changes we're seeing through the web is that free and freemium advice sites continue to struggle with the quality of their content and the accuracy of the information they produce. When it comes to marketing decisions, we continue to see that a tailored approach produces the best results. It's critical for consultants or marketers to study the culture, resources, and goals of a business before making a recommendation of strategy or platform. One size does not fit all.

ProOpinion provides unique, research powered content, unavailable elsewhere because ProOpinion is the source of the research. Content is plentiful, easily accessible, and most important, meaningful.

Members of ProOpinion are dedicated to progress, fully committed to sparking innovation, and persistent in their pursuit of a better business world. For companies across the globe, feedback straight from the people using their products and services is pivotal when trying to keep competitors in their rear view mirror. ProOpinion allows members to influence future products and services by sharing opinions in online surveys.

ProOpinion is free to join but members can earn a little something while also improving the market place. Some popular rewards earned include Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards. You can also donate your earnings to the American Red Cross. Survey invites are emailed to members or they can login to their account at to participate in online surveys.

Your search for research that matters to you stops here – join ProOpinion today.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ProOpinion.

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