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We recently rec’d a proposal and contract from a company that had impeccable branding. The documents were a disaster, though. The borders extended beyond our printer settings, it came in two sections (two print jobs, two signatures) and I had to print, sign, scan and email the signed proposal back. Worse of all, the proposal was difficult to read and terribly written, requiring me to turn on tracking, make edits, and go back and forth with the company several versions. Ugh… what a waste of time.

For a brand with a beautiful site and documentation, I’m amazed that they wouldn’t utilize a branded proposal management solution like TinderBox to automate their proposals and make them easy to read, edit, and sign. TinderBox is a sponsor of this blog, but we also use them as a customer to develop and send our own proposals. In fact, we’re going to do an API integration with our sponsorship proposals next so that people can get personalized proposals without us having to lift a finger! (Note: If you’re a Salesforce user, TinderBox can do this with a single click with their Appexchange Proposal solution!

In order to customize TinderBox, they used to have to work with you to update and customize your TinderBox theme… but no longer! Now TinderBox has added fully customizable theming within their platform. They have 6 standard themes that you can customize to your heart’s content.


Best of all, for a company like hours that has multiple products and services, you can create and customize multiple proposal themes within their platform and then apply it to a proposal. So – we can have a Martech Zone theme and a Highbridge theme!

Each proposal theme has dozens of customization features – all available at the click of a mouse and simple to implement. For companies that need additional proposal theme customization, advanced options are available as well with a single click.


If you’d like to see a finished product, check out TinderBox’s 2013 Benchmark Study: Sales Proposal Effectiveness in B2B Sales Organizations. They built the report using TinderBox, customized and automated the registration and response emails with Salesforce Pardot, and pushed the interaction to Salesforce. Beautiful!

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