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Bob Prosen Launches Small Business Accelerator

A few years ago, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Kiss Theory Goodbye, a book from Bob Prosen that provides sound advice for businesses. Bob’s business leadership and management training programs have dramatically increased performance and profitability and changed the culture at Sabre, Hitachi, Sprint, AT&T and hundreds of small businesses across the nation.

Bob’s consulting and training are now in high demand – here’s a recent segment from MSNBC:

Everyone is always asking how to rapidly increase performance and profit in their businesses. Seems that everyone wants to know the exact strategies that it takes to grow your sales, decrease employee turnover and increase your profit regardless of economic conditions. I’ve deployed much of the advice that Bob has provided since launching my business and the business is thriving.

Bob and I have kept in touch with one another and he reached out to promote this special training series (He usually charges $10,000 for this type of thing, but he wants some feedback on the program.)

In this free webinar Bob will personally teach you:

  1. To set the “right” objectives for the three most important parts of your business.
  2. The most important business metrics that will enable you to achieve your objectives.
  3. How to evaluate your personal leadership effectiveness. Do you have what it takes to lead your organization to achieve extraordinary profitability?

Again, just visit the site to view the video training. After watching the training make sure you get on Bob’s priority list to be notified when this breakthrough program becomes available. That’s it, hope you enjoy the training!

PS: Below the video you can download some very special bonuses and comment on the training.

Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and a recognized expert on digital transformation. Douglas has helped start several successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to launch his own platforms and services. He's a co-founder of Highbridge, a digital transformation consulting firm. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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