What’s Your PROskore?


There's a lot of movement happening right now in the scoring industry. I think Klout has gotten quite a bit of criticism recently… it's tough being the first guy on the block in any field. I'm thankful that someone took on the tough task of developing the first authority score in the industry, though, and hope they're able to adapt their algorithms and continue to develop them.

One of the competitors I see creeping up nicely is PROskore. Their algorithm isn't just build on recent behavior (as Klout seems to be), it's built on networks, experience and connections. Here's a video that explains PROskore:

PROskore adds another nice feature… the ability to match providers with suppliers of products and services. If you're looking for an SEO expert, the system can find one who ranks well and is geographically nearby. This is great… allowing you to find leads and pursue opportunities nearby, or to find talent around you as well.

In My Opinion

There is a flaw in a “Professional Score” such as this, though, and that's that it weighs so much on the connectivity of an individual. There are thousands of PhDs working behind the scenes at companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft right now that are brilliant, are changing the world every day, but don't put themselves out there socially. I believe this score, as with the others, continue to scrape the surface rather than digging deeper.

These scorking algorithms reward the extroverts and punish the introverts. The fact is, we can't all be extroverts… and companies require both if they are to be successful. So, for the short-term, I think these scoring applications are fantastic for those of us seeking the spotlight. I would caution businesses basing their marketing or recruiting campaigns on any of these scores at this point if your customers or employees aren't social butterflies. Use the scores where they make sense!

I really like PROskore, but my last criticism is one I have with most scoring algorithms. It's great that you're providing information where I'm currently at… but the information is useless until you tell me what to do with it. If PROskore advised people to get more connections, more experience, or provide any other great pieces of advise, the system would be exponentially more powerful. Klout used to provide some feedback… but I don't see it on their site anymore.

It's not enough to show people how they score, teach them how to improve it!


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    Nice post Douglas.  You’re dead on about rewarding extroverts vs. introverts.  In fact, it’s one of the reasons why we (PROskore) score people based on more than just social influence.  We take into account educational background and work history.   I believe we’re the only platform to do this…

    We’re just getting started…   Thanks for the coverage!

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