What Motivates You to Share Online? The Psychology of Sharing

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We share daily through our blog posts and social presence. Our motivation is pretty simple – when we find fantastic content or discover something ourselves, we want to let you know about it. That makes us a connector of great information and provides value to you, our reader. By doing so, we keep you engaged and hope to deepen our relationship with you. As you begin to trust us for great information and resources, we can then make some recommendations for you to our sponsors and advertisers. That’s the revenue necessary to keep our blog growing!

On a personal side, I share everything – from humor, to politics and motivation. Being a business owner is difficult work so I want to both educate non-owners as well as connect with others emotionally to let them know of the ups and downs and what I learned from them. Those shares draw a ton of attention because of their emotional connection.

Sharing online has become a part of our everyday lives and it’s increasingly becoming important to businesses. Statpro’s infographic The Psychology of Sharing shows how we can all be characterized as particular types of ‘sharers’ and how those characteristics, along with the growth of social media, are shaping our online activity… whether that be personally; in business, or even how our CEOs are sharing.

We know quite a few companies that don’t share outside of their own content. I honestly think that’s a bad message to send readers. It kind of says that you’re only interested in selling them and don’t want to risk them to any other resource to help them. Yuck… those aren’t the kind of folks I wish to do business with. If you find an amazing article, publication, or resource – share it! You’d be surprised at the respect and authority you can draw by providing value without an expectation of getting paid for it.

Sharing Psychology

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