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Publicfast Influencer Marketing Platform

My firm is working with a manufacturer right now that is looking to develop a brand, build their ecommerce site, and market their products for consumers with home delivery. It’s a technology that we’ve deployed in the past and one key factor in expanding their reach was identifying micro-influencers, geographically targeted influencers, and industry influencers to help build awareness and drive acquisition.

Influencer marketing continues to grow, but the results are typically aligned directly with how well your influencer is related to the exact target market that you’re attempting to reach. Broad influencers, like celebrities, may be costly with a high impression rate, but they typically have a tiny response rate. However low the impression rate with a micro-influencer, they typically achieve higher response rates despite not having nearly as much of a following.

Brands that are interested in deploying influencer marketing often struggle with identifying influencers. The research required is quite grueling and not as simple as just looking for a high follower count. It’s understanding the niche that they have authority in, the trust they have with their followers, and the interaction their posts have with their audience.

Here’s a great rundown of how to determine which influencers to work with from Mediakix.

how do you determine influencers
Source: Mediakix

Publicfast Influencer Marketing Platform

Brands have a tool now to help them discover influencers, develop cooperative campaigns with them, set expectations, and measure the results. Not only can brands search for influencers and invite them to the campaigns, they can publish a campaign brief that influencers can respond to. Publicfast is an influencer marketing platform with that enables marketers to:

  • Find influencers – Stop the guesswork and make your influencer marketing as predictable as running Facebook ads. Explore cost per click, CPM, number of impressions and other metrics that could improve your strategy and bring the best ROI.

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  • Build predictable campaigns – Brands can write a brief, including the product information, placement they’re seeking, and the goals of the campaign. Publicfast then utilizes its algorithms to predict the results based on the goals. Influencers can submit the content, get campaign tracking, and both parties can approve the campaigns and agree on compensation.

publicfast predictions

  • Pay for campaign or performancePublicfast provides your influencer with personal links to track your campaign actions so that the brand can monitor your performance or even pay you based on the action.


Publicfast helps hundreds of thousands of influencers to be discovered and collaborate with over 1000+ brands across hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns internationally.

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Disclosure: I am affiliate of Publicfast and an Influencer listed.

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