Swap Shop: Trade the Services or Products You Can Share, for the Resources You Need

Publicize Swap Shop

As the world heads into uncertainty, companies need to keep a closer eye on cash flow and avoid any unnecessary expenses. One method that can help is trading your products and services for the resources you need. I’ve sought out clients before in industries that I could use both personally and professionally and it’s saved me quite a bit of money over the years.

The current coronavirus pandemic is predicted to cost the global economy $1 trillion in 2020, and has put unprecedented pressure on all industries and business types. The instability has caused many business owners to switch to lean operation models and freeze procurement budgets.

Publicize Swap Shop

I’ve noticed is that direct trades are a difficult transaction, though. For my part, I had to deliver well beyond expectations in order to make sure the recipient was happy with the results. And, my expectation as a partner was that you will do the same. I’ve come up at the raw end of the stick a couple times where the service provider said something similar to, “Well, you’re not paying for it…“. Ouch… in other words… because you paid in time and resources and not cash, we don’t think you paid. You’re going to have to proceed with caution on any trade or service swapping you do.

Perhaps, the Publicize Swap Shop will help with their online bartering system. 

Publicize Swap Shop

Publicize, the PR agency for tech sector startups, today announces the launch of the Publicize Swap Shop. This free-to-use online marketplace creates an alternative way for businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide to access products and services through an exchange system. 

The internationally available online platform contains a feed with offers and requests that have been posted. Swappers who have something to offer first need to create an account and publish the details of the offer, along with a suggested ‘ask’ of what they need in return, if anything. Anyone can browse the platform and the deals that are on offer. Once the swappers are connected by email it’s up to the two parties to seal the deal.

The Swap Shop was built by Publicize as a way to support the tech and startup community by creating a virtual space where entrepreneurs can ask for help when they need it, but also lend a hand. 

I’ve always found the startup scene to have an incredible sense of community, with freely available expertise, open source software solutions and growth hacks revealed on live streams. The ecosystem needs this community now more than ever, which is why we decided to launch the Publicize Swap Shop in the hope that we can do our small part to help. 

Erik Zijdemans, Vice President of Operations at Publicize

The community has been quick to engage with a number of early bird offers on the table. Swappers already have the chance to bid for Nerdytec’s ultimate work-from-home accessory,  Riddle’s interactive audience engagement tools, and ebook creation services from Publicize. 

Publicize created the platform to create an easy and secure way for businesses to connect, but the negotiation and agreement of the trades are left to the two parties.

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