Data’s Role in the Online Path to Purchase

data path purchase

There are dozens of points on the path to purchase where retailers can collect and use data to enhance the shopping experience and turn browsers into buyers. But there is so much data that it can become easy to focus on the wrong things and veer off course. For example, 21% of consumers abandon their cart simply because the checkout process is inefficient.

The path to purchase has dozens of points where retailers can collect valuable data, enhance the shopping experience, and convert browsers into buyers. But beware: tThe volume of data can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to veer off course. By steering clear of “data detours”, retailers can focus on actionable data to drive customers across the finish line.

Baynote released an infographic Data’s Role in the Online Path to Purchase providing insight into the most important and actionable data and the detours that can lead retailers astray.


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