Quark Promote Offers Hybrid Solution for Your Business Publishing Needs

Quark has launched a hybrid web application that incorporates professional templates along with a new desktop software, Quark Promote. It’s a pretty interesting model… download the Windows-based application and you can begin editing and uploading your marketing materials.

Once your materials are uploaded, you can have them printed and distributed locally through a network of publishers. The service allows you to design appointment cards, brochures, business cards, coupons, data sheets, envelopes, flyers, letterhead and postcards on professionally developed templates. There are quite a few professional templates on the site already – from Accounting to Veterinary services.

Quark has opened up the service to independent printers as well as freelance and professional designers. For the “Do It Yourself” small to medium-sized business, this is a solution that could save an organization quite a bit of time, effort and money.

I’ve not tested the service (appears only Windows-based), but would be interested in hearing from those who have tried it. The online customization engines and editors I’ve used for print materials have been fairly difficult to use… this hybrid approach may be a great solution until online solutions can catch up.

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