Quill Engage: Transform Google Analytics into Natural Language Reports

Narrative Science has launched quite a few enhancements of their marketing application called Quill Engage – a free application that automatically analyzes and transforms Google Analytics data into natural language reports.

The emails they send out are absolutely amazing… it’s exactly what Google Analytics should be doing and reminds me of the work that Webtrends did a few years ago with their language option of viewing the data.

The emailed report is portioned out beautifully, providing an overview with a week-to-week change and year-over-year analysis, a great chart of visits and pageviews, a paid search overview, a traffic source overview with top referral data, as well as some segmentation based on location and mobile usage. Here’s a sample report:

The Enhanced Version of Quill Engage also offers

  • Custom Branding – add logos and select brand colors for your reports
  • E-commerce, Events, Goals and Conversion Data – More analysis and reporting
  • Custom Key Performance Indicators – select the KPIs to highlight at the top of each report and turn on and off sections of the report as desired
  • Subscribe Additional Google Analytics Views
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