Qvidian: What’s a Sales Playbook?

qvidian sales playbook

If you're a large organization working across multiple verticals, having a simplified process for your sales team to find and present relevant presentations, use cases and other information is critical to the speed and effectiveness of the sale. Qvidian calls this the Sales Playbook.

Qvidian Sales Playbooks is a cloud-based guided selling platform, tightly integrated with Salesforce.com, that helps sales and marketing leaders streamline and reinforce a company’s sales process to accelerate business growth and improve sales team productivity and effectiveness. Accelerating the ability for salespeople to close more deals, Qvidian Sales Playbooks replicates a consistent sales process across an organization and delivers the right content and coaching for each step of the sales process.

Here's a video… does that Dan guy just reek of sales guy to you?

Qvidian lists the following core benefits:

  • Serve Up Any Content from Anywhere – Sales plays can be any content type—documents, presentations, videos, and other multimedia—stored in any location.
  • Drive Plays with Dynamic Rules – Drive plays, stages, or entire playbooks based on dynamic rules-based logic triggered off CRM data, such as deal size, industry, competitors—any custom field in your CRM.
  • Integrated Tracking from Playbook to CRM – Qvidian can automatically update the Opportunity probability or stage in Salesforce.com based on the completion of key plays or stages in the playbook.
  • Drill Deeper with Robust Sales Analytics – By aligning sales behavior activity (as tracked in the Playbook) with your CRM data, you get robust sales analytics capabilities with true visibility into the state of your sales organization.

Content usage stats are also provided with the platform, providing marketing with the information they need to further develop content that has more demand in the sales process.


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