Feeding the Content Beast with Rallyverse


Companies with great content strategies aren't limiting the value of their program to content that they alone write. There's a massive quantity of content hitting the web every single second… some good, some bad. The ability to tap into that firehose, pull out the gems, and share it with your audience is a huge advantage over your competitors. If you become the primary source of information for your prospects and customers, they need not look anywhere else!

Rallyverse knows the importance of an authentic and engaging brand voice in social media. Their platform discovers and curates content from sources and topics you choose, and they make it easy for your brand’s community and marketing team to add context and insights to updates. Their interface is pinterest-like and incredibly easy to filter and consume a lot of content:


Once you've identified the content you wish to share with your audience, sharing is just as simple. Rallyverse also provides the methodologies to combine both paid and owned media into your social media strategy. Their clients who have run converged campaigns have seen their viral impressions increase by 13X, and the number of people talking about them increase by 21X.


Robost reporting has also been provided. In addition to tracking the growth of your community, Rallyverse reporting also allows you to drill into the performance of individual messages:

  • A summary view that gives you aggregate performance statistics on Twitter and on Facebook, as well as detailed views for both networks.
  • Each element of performance is tracked in a summary line graph at the top of the page, as well as in a detailed table view. You can sort the data by any column in the table.
  • On Twitter, they track the clicks on each link you post as well as the number of new followers that you gain via each post.
  • On Facebook, they track the clicks, likes, comments and shares that you earn with each post.
    We also offer a quick summary of the top three times of day that generated the most engagements on each post.



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    As a company or brand why wouldnt I want to direct as much traffic to my site, as opposed to others, as possible? Obviously there are use cases for this and you can just pimp your own stuff all day but it seems like spending half the time you would using this system to just repurpose and structure some of the content on your site and post those links would go farther than linking out to others. Am I completely off base?

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      I think companies that don’t mention content that’s valuable to their audience because they’re worried about the reader going elsewhere are playing a dangerous game. By not providing all the value possible, they risk losing the trust and the client altogether. For example, let’s say that our accounting firm discovers something in the new tax code that’s fully explained at their competitor’s site. Of course they could just repurpose the content (if they have the resources to try to keep up all day), or they could put put a simple tweet, “ABC Accounting has identified quite an important tax code update, contact us if you’d like to discuss how this might affect you.” – Are they going to lose the client? Or did they just increase their value to the client? Here on the Marketing Technology Blog, our two communities – Corporate Blogging and Marketing Technology Blog – are primarily news and information we’ve curated from other resources. It makes us very valuable to our community. And no, I don’t believe we lose more than we gain. What we’re concentrating on is providing value to our audience.

      Plus, in our case there’s enough business to go around! We work with almost all of our competitors in one way or another.


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