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    When you added Rapportive to your browser and open your Google Apps email, it will actually show you the setting URL. I wish I had written it down… but it’s there, Chuck! It’s a great tool. I really like it.

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    Hey, thanks for trying Rapportive! The confusing “single sign-on” instructions are actually only needed if you’re on a Google Apps Premier account (i.e. you’re paying for Google Apps). In all other cases, Rapportive should just work. 🙂

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    There are also Rapportive plugins for Chrome and Firefox. I’ve been using the plugin for my Gmail account for a few months now and i love it. One of my favorite features is that Rapportive also searches what social networks the eamil address is associated with AND gives you a preview of the users last few tweets – very helpful when deciding whether to follow back a new follower.

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