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Reachli: The Visual Advertising Network

We’ve shared other content recommendation systems like Outbrain. What if your content isn’t textual in nature, though, and it’s more visual – like coupons, informational graphics, sales graphics, calls-to-action or photographs? Reachli is a visual advertising network.

Reachli has over 70,000 advertisers that get over 3.5 million views on a monthly basis! Reachli has a proprietary pair-and-match technology uses keyword, context, and photo matching algorithms to pair any existing image on the web with the most relevant and engaging in-image ad. And if you’re a publisher with a great following on your site and social media accounts, Reachli can help you monetize that community.

Thanks to the team at HCCMIS, a travel insurance company, for pointing the site out to me today. The marketing team over there does an incredible job promoting visual content and getting a huge response! They’re sophisticated B2C marketers who test and measure everything they do.

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