How to Bookmark Pages and Read them Later


Now that every company in the world is a publisher, the volume of content there is out there seems to be multiplying at an incredible rate. For marketers, the volume of information and velocity of information is accelerating. (I wish the quality was accelerating, too!). Anyways, sometimes you find one of those cool little tools that makes your life a bit easier. I actually found this one while perusing our analytics and identifying referring sources. I noticed in there!

Read It Later is a cross-browser and platform bookmarking application that allows you to mark and save items – then read them later from any of your devices. If you're a traveler, this is a fantastic tool because you can actually read the content offline! Read It Later is integrated into over 266 applications across many platforms you may already use.


If you're running Chrome, you can add the Postponer extension and easily tag bookmarks directly from the browser!

read it later chrome s

So… which one of you smart readers is using this service? Thanks!

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