3 Reasons I’m Hosting My Webinar with ReadyTalk

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I was first introduced to ReadyTalk after having a webinar meltdown with GoToWebinar. I had 3 guests on the show from Denver, San Francisco, and London. More than 200 patient and gracious attendees hung in there as we dealt with extensive audio and visual delays. So I needed to find a provider with the right infrastructure to support the needs of both presenter and attendees. This is where ReadyTalk excels.

  1. Presenter Experience: A ReadyTalk Webinar has a dedicated line for the presenters which is broadcasted to the attendees line. This allows them to engage with each other without long delays due to a crowded line. The slides can be uploaded to ReadyTalk’s server so any presenter can advance the slide.
  2. Operator Assistance: If you’re going to have a large number of attendees, ReadyTalk can provide operator assistance. This operator responds to technical support requests from the audience. This helps meet the immediate needs of the audience without interrupting the flow of the conversation with the presenters.
  3. Easy Recording and Editing: ReadyTalk gives you access to the recording immediately following the event and has a built in editor allowing you to quickly trim your webinar and embed on your website. ReadyTalk uses a standard format to record your webinar. This means you won’t spend hours converting a proprietary video format into something you can use (If you’ve ever been on the editing end of a webinar, you know how much time this saves)

From a marketing standpoint, the ReadyTalk framework and API is quite robust and ready for integration as well. In marketing automation, scoring activity like webinars is critical since an action like that can have huge impact on whether a visitor is likely to become a customer.

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Our brands are impacted by the experience we provide our prospects and customers. It’s important to have confidence in the technology we use to deliver the compelling content we work so hard to create. Oh… and if that wasn’t enough, the ReadyTalk platform integrates with Salesforce:

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As well as with Eloqua:
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What do you think?

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