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Alright code monkeys… this may be the greatest tool I've seen hit the market in a long time. If you're a developer working in PHP, HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, this is a product that may excite you. The folks at Sproutbox have developed Squad, a real-time code editing and collaboration tool.
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Squad is to development what Google docs is to office suites. With Squad, a development team spread across the world can open up the same file, work on it at the same time, and chat about the edits. No more lengthy code review meetings where the team is fumbling around, passing edits to one another, merging and colliding those edits… Squad makes if effortless.

Although I'm a good developer, a tool like this would have come in handy on many projects where I collaborated on projects. Most recently, I even worked with a developer in Denmark on a project using Flot, an open-source JavaScript engine. I would have loved to have reviewed the code with Ole online in real time!

Squad is a web-based, Software as a Service solution that's incredibly affordable. If you're a single user, you can even use it for free! For $39/month you can get a team package for up to 5 members.

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