Real-Time Mobile Ads by Zapp360

zapp360 real time mobile ad network

Zapp360 is innovating the way in which mobile advertisements are delivered to consumers in terms of the design and relevancy. Traditional mobile advertising mainly consists of companies simply re-using desktop browser advertisements – poorly designed, untargeted and don’t take into account how users engage with small screens.

Mobile advertising is a $14.3 billion industry and all the predictions are that it will continue growing, but this won’t happen until the end user experience is put front and centre. So Zapp went back to the future by creating a scrolling text ad unit that would deliver communications with urgency and context at the speed of the user…which is in real-time.

One of the key differentiators for the platform is the speed at which an advert can go live. A graphic, or visual ad takes time to pull together, but text, is as simple as it comes. And given how people communicate through twitter so voraciously today, text is a communications tool that remains timely and relevant to audiences everywhere.

The Zapp360 platform delivers an unobtrusive scrolling message of up to 140 characters embedded into consumers’ mobile browsers or apps at a time specified by the advertiser. Customers can then simply tap the message to navigate to a location, place a call, see a video, redeem a coupon or land on an advertisers’ website. This level of immediacy and interactivity drives a richer experience and delivers conversion rates that have far exceeded industry averages.

The Zapp360 platform that sits behind the ads is easy to set up, manage, and measures targeted mobile ad campaigns in real time (CTRs etc.) so you’re not waiting for a report at the end of the campaign to determine whether it’s working or not.

The ads are easy for agencies and brands to set up and execute. As an example – if a news story breaks, an event takes place, or even the weather takes a turn for the worse, and their product or service is relevant to that set of circumstances, they can react instantaneously (or as quickly as they can come up with a pithy ad in 140 characters or less).

Essentially, Zapp360 is as user friendly for the ad manager as it is for the end user viewing the ad. Think about it as a tweet that you can run over a relevant web page in a mobile browser that a consumer is already viewing. Concise information with a call to action in a place you are already engaged. With real-time mobile advertising, the marketer can drive a better and richer engagement between consumers and the adverts they see, as they are more timely and relevant.

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