ReferralCandy: A Complete Ecommerce Referral Platform You Can Launch In Minutes

ReferralCandy: Referral and Affiliate Platform for E-Commerce Platforms

For the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing our successful launch of our client’s site where you can buy dresses online. One strategy we wanted to deploy was building out a referral program for customers, affiliate marketers, and influencers.

Some of our needs:

  • We wanted to have it work with Shopify so that we could include a discount for the recipient.
  • We wanted it to handle payment to the customer, affiliate, or influencer that generated the referral. This way we could take advantage of word-of-mouth as well as professional influencers who wished to sign up.
  • We wanted it to have a Klaviyo integration so that we could send affiliate links to everyone in subscribed to their marketing communications.
  • We wanted a simple registration process that we don’t have to hand approve and monitor.

The solution we researched, found, and implemented within minutes was ReferralCandy. We were even able to customize the branding to look great on the Closet52 store. Once you make a purchase, we provide the user with the opportunity to sign up. We also pre-branded social images for when customers share to Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms.

You’ll also see the ReferralCandy widget in the lower left corner… when you launch it, you can see how simple it is to join!

  • ReferralCandy Referral Widget for Shopify
  • ReferralCandy Referral Widget for Shopify (Open)

ReferralCandy Overview

ReferralCandy is referral program application built for e-commerce stores. Here’s a video overview:

ReferralCandy Features Include

  • Automatic Integration – Instantly connect your Shopify or BigCommerce store to get started
  • Simple Email Integration – Simply paste ReferralCandy tracking code on your store checkout page
  • Custom Developer Integration – Advanced options such as JS integration and API Integration for more flexibility
  • Subscription App Integration – Connect third party apps like ReCharge, PayWhirl and Bold
  • Email Marketing – Boost your email performance with a referral add-on to your newsletters
  • Analytics – Send insights about traffic sources and top referrers to your analytics apps
  • Retargeting – Build an audience of highly engaged leads who see your referral offer
  • Simple Pricing – The platform has a flat fee and scaled commission pricing that is smaller the more sales you have!

ReferralCandy Klaviyo Integration

We were able to put dynamic content blocks within Klaviyo, too. On each of the blocks, you’ll need to have a display option that will only display the block IF the referral link exists on the subscriber’s account. So, if the Referral Link exists on this subscriber, the block will be displayed within their email and the links will be personalized. Here’s the Show/Hide Logic:

person|lookup:'Referral Link - ReferralCandy'

And here are all of the links that you can embed in your Klaviyo emails:

  • Referral Portal:

{{ person|lookup:'Referral Portal Link - ReferralCandy' }}

  • Referral Link

{{ person|lookup:'Referral Link - ReferralCandy' }}

  • Referral Link with Tracking

{{ person|lookup:'Referral Link with Tracking - ReferralCandy' }}

  • Referral Friend Offer

{{ person|lookup:'Referral Friend Offer - ReferralCandy' }}

  • Referral Reward

{{ person|lookup:'Referral Friend Offer - ReferralCandy' }}

We’ve set up ReferralCandy to provide $10 for each referred sale to the referrer and a 20% discount to whomever they share their custom link to. And we were able to set it to a minimum payout of $100 so that we’re not paying a ton of transaction fees. Our credit card on file is automatically charged when they get their commission. Nice and easy!

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Disclosure: I’m using my affiliate links throughout this article.