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The ol’ theme was starting to get a little boring for me, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and really soup up the site. I started off with the Squible beta theme and tweaked it out totally. I even added the Google Video bar, it does a search of random sets of tags from Google Video. You’ll find my favorites in there – Seth Godin and Tom Peters, as well as other general tags on web 2.0, search engine optimization, internet marketing, etc.

I like this theme because it prioritizes the page. Rather than a menu sidebar (that no one really used), this theme stuffs that stuff down at the bottom of the home page. As well, if a visitor came here and after reading the post ‘brief’ and they weren’t interested… I have the ‘related’ posts to the side. Perhaps there’s an article in there that they wish to read.

On Influence and Automation

I did some cool little tweaks to the theme as well. Squible is a set width, so I modified all the styles for a variable width. Squible also limits the characters on the front page (if you’d like) but cuts the content off mid-word if that’s the limit. I modified the function to cut it off at the last space before the character limit.

And of course, there are the fiery graphics! I wanted to be a little more exciting then the cold blue of my previous theme. We’ll see what happens. I’m a little concerned that this theme uses a little more ajax, rendering content on the fly. We’ll see what happens to my organic search results with the new site. Hopefully, all of the deep related tagging will result in better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

More to come! But I hope you like it!


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