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We’re launching a new series of interviews here soon on the marketing technology blog with the assistance of Creative Zombie Studios. Our existing podcast with Edge of the Web Radio is amazing and airs regionally in Indianapolis on Saturday afternoons on Freedom 95… but sometimes we need to dig deep with the talent we wish to interview.

With the background music from a friend’s band, Brad and his team put together a great intro voiceover for the show. One strategy that’s been effective on Edge of the Web is also putting videos out on Youtube of the show so we’re going to do that too. I wanted to put together an intro video for the show but it didn’t warrant going out and hiring an animation team. Thankfully, I received a pitch email from a new platform – Renderforest – who have real-time video editing online!


We’ve used stock video sites to get royalty-free videos, animated videos, and transitions before – but we still need to know how to edit and produce the videos ourselves. And we love our contractors who can edit and produce our videos. But this is neither a clip database nor a service, it’s a bit in between. Renderforest already has hundreds of video templates to choose from and you just customize them online and pay once you wish to download the high definition version.

Simply upload your photos, edit texts and watch your video in minutes. Renderforest offers various types of high-quality video projects, including family, wedding, or travel slideshows, baby scrapbook videos, valentine or love videos, promotional or corporate business videos, event invitations, explainer animations, marketing web videos, logo animations, kinetic typography, and more.

Renderforest features an online animation maker and slideshow creator tools with free cloud storage for all the amazing videos you create. They have hundreds of incredible templates already on the site and it’s dead simple to modify any of them by simply editing text or uploading the image you wish to use. I’m including our affiliate link in this post so try them out!

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