Rep: A Multi-Channel Helpdesk for Increasing Shopify Customer Lifetime Value

Rep AI Helpdesk

Founded by ex-Googlers with deep experience in messaging, personalization, and machine learning, Rep is a modern helpdesk for Shopify with messaging at its core. It powers thoughtful communication at every step in the customer journey. Whether shoppers are browsing your store, awaiting delivery, in need of help, or looking for your latest recommendation, Rep can make it happen.


  • Centralized Communication – Some customers want to chat on your site, some want to text you from their phone, and some still want to email you. No matter how your shoppers to talk to you, Rep brings these conversations together into one unified platform.
  • Targeted Proactive Chat – Rep leverages your customer data and user behavior to identify which customers on your site could use a personal touch. With targeted proactive chat, you can focus on engaging the right customers at the right moment for the highest business impact.
  • Customer Profile & Order History – Pull in your customer data scattered across systems to deliver the most personalized and efficient shopping experience. Rep integrates with your ecommerce platform, Segment, and internal systems to expose a 360 degree view of your customer alongside every conversation.
  • Product Catalog & Draft Orders – With Rep’s product catalog and inventory integration, you can say “Here, try this on!” across any channel and offer a concierge-level service with measurable revenue uplift.
  • Cross-channel Follow-up – Rep supports SMS text messaging, email, Facebook Messenger, and other channels from a single interface, so you can schedule follow-ups and provide clienteling service wherever your customers are.
  • Sales Reporting & Sales Attribution – With Rep’s sales reporting analytics, you will know exactly how much business your chats are generating and which sales associates are leading the way. Best of all, our leaderboard and real-time sales attribution alerts will keep your reps motivated! If your team works on commission, tracking online sales has never been easier.

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