Who’s Twittering You?

twitterOn my feed this morning, up popped a post that caught my attention, How to setup a Twitter listening post. Once I clicked through to the post, though, I was disappointed because there was actually no details on setting up an actual listener. Instead, I was simply met with a post on how to setup a Twitter account.

Setting up a Twitter account doesn't provide you any insight into what folks are actually saying about you, your brand, products or company. It only provides a means for folks to communicate with you through this unique medium.

How to Set Up Micro-Blog Listeners

To actually set up a ‘listener', you can simply go to Google and search for the term you're looking for (this twitter example shows a search for “microsoft ad” to twitter):

site:twitter.com "microsoft ad"

For Friendfeed:

site:friendfeed.com "microsoft ad"

If you'd like to take a step further and actually react to folks communicating about you, your product, or your brand, set up a Google Alert to email you as it happens. As a marketing or reputation manager, I might even set up a text alert with Google Alerts and I would respond directly to the tweet.


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      You’re right, Jason. When I saw the note on the other site about setting up a ‘twitter listener’ but there was no means to actually ‘listen’, I had to write the post!

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    Hi, Douglas .. thanks for the link!

    The bulk of Beth’s advice on listening is actually contained in the slideshow. In the first part of the post, she does walk you through how to set up an account, but in the slideshow she goes into the details of how to listen for brands, trends and other details you may be interested in from a market research point of view.

    She certainly mixes listening with communicating, but there are some good “how to listen” tips in the slideshow.

    Cheers .. Kate

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      Mike, that’s a great find! Too bad that Tweetbeep didn’t have some sort of instantaneous feature for capturing those search terms. If an hour goes by that someone’s speaking about your company – it could be too late!

      I added it to the daily links yesterday, though! Thanks for the catch!

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