Reputology: Alert System for Online Reviews


We recently shared our online reviews and other technology are impacting the restaurant industry. The Internet is the goto tool for validating service companies, restaurants, and other retailers. Reputology is a review monitoring and reporting platform. It sends email notifications whenever someone reviews your business on Yelp, Google+ Local, Tripadvisor and other review sites. By responding quickly, our customers can get an unhappy reviewer to change their mind 70% of the time.

From an Operations perspective, Reputology makes it easier to spot recurring issues by aggregating and analyzing your data. It sends automated weekly/monthly summary reports, and it gives you analytics to track your review performance.

  • Respond Quickly – Get time-sensitive email alerts. A link in the email shows you where the review originally appeared.
  • Monitor Multiple Locations – Route alerts to the right people & use summary reports to spot issues that impact the entire business.
  • Track Your Performance – Analytics makes it easy to understand how key metrics are trending and compare locations.

Companies like Angie's List (our client) have notifications and even mediation to help service companies be alerted and to recover from customer service issues… but other open sites like run rampant with fake reviews (Read: 19 SEO companies recently fined in New York).

Signing up for review alerts is a first step for your business to monitor and respond to complaints… fake or real!

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