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responsive web design

Ok, I'm old so I can remember this but you guys may not be able to. Do you remember when we used to be able to fix cars? A good Sears toolset and we were good to go… just needed some rags and some muscle and you could just about fix any problem with a car. Not anymore. I barely understand how to open the hood on my car anymore.

As I look to responsive web design, I'm starting to get that feeling. Give me some HTML, CSS, and jQuery and I'm a happy boy. But start slicing and dicing a page so that it reacts to the widths of the device and I really start getting confused. It's when I simply get our developer involved and I move on to more… errr.. important things (like debating people on Facebook).

I'm not totally sold on responsive design because I'm not sure people just want things to fit into their alternate devices. I want an iPad to have features that take advantage of swiping and zooming. I want my mobile experience to let me slide and swipe things to easily navigate and browse. I don't know that the same navigational elements and features should be applied to each device. I like the experience of each device and love when a web site builds an experience that matches.

Anyways… I'll get off my pedestal. Here's a great infographic from TemplateMonster on responsive web design. And if you really want to see something cool…click through to their responsive, interactive infographic for an even cooler experience.

responsive web design interactive guide

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