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No doubt that ecommerce is having a huge impact on retail… but no matter how big your monitor is, it won’t substitute walking into a retail outlet and touching the product. Nor will free shipping always be a substitute for walking out of the store with the item you want right now. Just yesterday I bought a juicer from Bed Bath and Beyond. I read a ton online about them and was even offered a discount at one of the sites… but I wanted to go home and make my first glass of veggie juice that afternoon… not put it off for a week.

Wishpond hopes to be the medium between the retail outlet and online, providing the best of both worlds. This may be a fantastic opportunity for retail outlets who have seen a drop in sales to get the online attention they deserve.

From the Wishpond site:

  • Wishpond finds products you want from stores near you. Wishpond’s local shopping engine searches nearby stores and maps out the best deals in town. No more delivery waits, no more shipping costs. Get what you want today.
  • Deals in your pocket, anywhere you go. Our iPhone app extends your local shopping power. Get the app to track deals near the spot you’re standing on, whether you’re window shopping on the street or browsing from the comfort of home.
  • Make A Wish: get prices you’ll love. Wish that local product search could do the work for you? Make A Wish on a product you like, and Wishpond will alert you when the price drops, find similar products that match your desired price and send personalized deals from nearby stores who will match that price.
  • The Wishpond Merchant Center empowers local retailers to easily promote their products and deals, giving shoppers a better selection of local stores to choose from.

Here’s a short video of the service:

And if you had any doubt that retail is changing, here’s some great stats from Wishpond in an infographic that describes where they assist.
retail industry infographic

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