5 Retail Trends for 2015 Every Marketer Should Know

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Two-thirds of consumers now shop across devices, making multi-touch attribution and omnichannel marketing key to every retail marketers’ strategy. There’s no longer a distinct line between online digital marketing and offline sales. Consumers are now regularly webrooming – shopping online and picking up at a local retail outlet – and showrooming – perusing the local store and then buying the product online.

MediaMath has produced this infographic on 5 programmatic marketing trends that are shaping the retail experience:

  1. Digital now influences 64% of all in-store sales  Tweet This!
  2. More than half of digital advertising in retail is now mobile  Tweet This!
  3. Direct publisher deals are moving to programmatic  Tweet This!
  4. Programmatic video is becoming a material part of digital ad spend in 2015  Tweet This!
  5. Closed-Loop Attribution (CLA) is a logical next step for campaign optimization  Tweet This!

The impact of every online and offline touchpoint should be measured to understand how your marketing efforts are impacting sales, how you can optimize customer journeys, and drive additional conversions by influencing the buyer’s journey.


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