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Retargeting on Facebook works just like any other retargeting strategy. If a visitor abandons your site without converting, retargeting on Facebook can display a Facebook Ad or an add directly in the Facebook News feed (beta) when the visitor is on Facebook later. Retargeting will drive some of those visitors back to your site so they can complete the conversion.

With AdRoll, advertisers can utilize their first-party data to retarget site visitors on Facebook. AdRoll’s average client has had a 16x return on their ad spend on the Facebook Exchange, making new campaigns an amazing complement to traditional retargeting. AdRoll’s average client has had a 16x return on their ad spend, driving some incredible numbers in addition to traditional retargeting efforts.

Initial reports from Facebook reveal that the Facebook News feed ads (beta) get even better performance – 20 to 40 times higher CTR than standard Facebook Exchange ads.

5 AdRoll Tips for Facebook Remarketing

  1. Creative Requirements – Provide a short and catchy title with a 100px x 72px .jpg or .gif file.
  2. Look Your Best – Testing fonts, colors, images and call-to-actions can make the difference between a low CTR and a high one. Rotate creative a least every 2-3 weeks to prevent ad fatigue: The rotation window may vary depending on your frequency caps and number of users in the user list.
  3. Grab Their Attention – Run different promotions and test free offers, discounts, one-day promos, or loyalty programs to drive additional Facebook fans or sales. Punctuation and grammar are key to piquing your user’s attention.
  4. What to Do – Encourage engagement by asking questions in the title, Capitalize words that draw attention such as FREE or SALE. Place exclamation points and quotations that will amplify the call-to-action. Choose images and colors that look vivid against Facebook’s blue/white. Make sure to cast a wide net by testing as many ads as possible.
  5. What Not To Do – Use abbreviations or jargon that may be unfamiliar with the general public. Place logos unless your brand is very well-known. Build Facebook ads like general display ads – give context and respect brevity. Create a weak call-to-action. Forget your customers are on Facebook to socialize.

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