Return on Social Media Investment

In November, Wildfire surveyed over 700 marketers from all around the World on the topic of getting a return on investment for their social media efforts. Wildfire and Column Five compiled the results into an easy to read infographic.

Social media is no longer a stop-and-go investment, but rather a long term strategic channel that, when integrated with other marketing efforts, allows brands to connect with users over time. Results of a recent survey we conducted find social media efforts valuable in their ability to grow brand awareness and increase dialogue with customers. In addition to spending more time thinking about how to engage audiences, marketers will soon begin to measure social media’s impact on the business through a more traditional ROI definition: attributable sales and costs. From the Wildfire blog

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    Social media strategies and goals are different for every business.  While some businesses may find that social media is a great place to hold contests or post discounts, that may not be the right course of action for all businesses.  It’s important to stay true to your brand identity.  

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      Totally agree, @nickstamoulis:disqus !  And I think sometimes we focus on ROI to justify every penny and we don’t need to.  Sometimes it’s simply good to get your name out there without the expectation that the dollars are going to rain down!

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    Wow, these data are very useful and interesting. Thanks a lot!
    Social media really is one of the most famous, widely use marketing media these days. 

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