Revolve Camera: A Dolly System for Your iPhone or DSLR

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We’ve written about the basic video recording equipment every business should have if they wish to record quality videos for their business. If you’ve ever watched studio quality video, though, you’ve noticed the track and dolly systems that they deploy to provide unique, smooth mobile shots.

For $99, you can now have the Revolve Camera Dolly system for your DSLR or for $139, your smartphone. Here’s a great overview of the product and the type of shots you’ll be capable of making. They have quite a few accessories – even have a track system you can add on!

Iphone Dolly System

According to the Revolve Camera site:

The Revolve camera dolly is a platform for capturing smooth and dynamic video footage. This system can create a wide variety of tracking shots and rotational dolly shots as well as dynamic time lapse and stop motion photography. It is compatible with virtually any camera, and is suitable for use on all surfaces and at any location.

The adjustable axles allow the dolly to travel in a straight line, or in a rotational arc of any angle. The system includes a rail kit that allows the dolly to be used at any location to get smooth video even on rough terrain. Add your own pipes/rods to create a slider track of any length! Each rail clamp is threaded to accept a tripod mount so you can use the rails at any height, or create incline or decline slider footage.

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