Newsletter Subscriptions On A Twitter Profile Is A Win-Win For Email Marketers And Subscribers

Revue Newsletter Subscriptions on Twitter

It’s no secret that newsletters give creators a direct line of communication with their audience, which can bring incredible awareness and results for their community or product. However, building an accurate email list can take a lot of time and effort for both the sender and the recipient. 

For senders, best practices like getting users’ permission to contact, validating email addresses through single or double opt-in approaches and keeping your email list up to date can all be incredibly time consuming. It takes time and trial and error to strategize what is the best fit for growing your email list.

However, things aren’t much more convenient for users, either. Subscribing to an email list without first buying a product or creating an account often means disrupting what they are doing. Imagine this: you’re checking your phone or laptop to get your news when you see your favorite news source is available in email form daily. You want to get the information directly to your inbox, so you click the link. After being redirected to the news site’s link, you then must figure out where to sign up for emails. Is the subscription offered in a pop-up box? Or is it in the colorful box located at the bottom of the page? After discerning this location (and managing not to get distracted by some other headline), you input your email address, verify you are not a robot, and click away your consent to subscribe.

Thankfully, this process could soon be made easier and more accessible for both the end users and those responsible for generating an email list.

Revue By Twitter

This summer, Twitter began to run a pilot for Android users. The company has added a new feature to a user’s profile that allows the user to more easily access Revue, the newsletter platform Twitter acquired in January. In this pilot, when users open the Twitter profile of their favorite creator or brand, subscribing to their Revue newsletter is only a matter of a few clicks – a subscribe click, a verification of their auto-populated email (defaulted to the email connected to their Twitter account) click, and an opt-in click.This cuts out many of the middle steps of the newsletter subscription process. 

One of the best aspects of this feature is that users don’t have to leave the social media platform through a link that redirects them. If it’s easy to do, people are much more likely to engage. In this sense, offering subscriptions to your newsletter as a marketer and finding the content you need as a user may have never been simpler. 

The new Revue newsletter integration with Twitter will be an amazing asset for both brands and content creators alike as it allows fans to open up another avenue of communication that they may not have initially considered without this option. It will make it much easier for Twitter users with an established platform to add fans that are already highly-engaged with their content to their email list.

The Revue newsletter builder also allows for you to import your feed from your external website so that you can drag and drop the posts you’d like to include.

With the rise of social media marketing, Instagram users have found unique ways to make their Instagram accounts work with email marketing. However, Twitter providing a direct link to users to sign up for emails could mean making it easier for creators to transition content or product from their Twitter feed to the inbox of a new community member. This feature will be very valuable for brands and creators to convert their social media following into subscribers, and from that point on they have limitless potential on how they choose to monetize these interactions through email. 

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