Social Media Lead Scoring and Qualification

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I've been trying to catch up with my friends at Right On Interactive for a few months now… there have been murmurs all around the industry that their most recent platform enhancements are amazing. Andy Skirvin stopped the the office and walked through the platform and it absolutely blew me away.

For as long as I can remember, I've been preaching that social media is an amplifier for your marketing… and it should be incorporated into a multi-channel strategy to fully leverage it. Right On Interactive has built an amazing platform that utilizes the incredible data that social media provides, allows you to score prospects with it accordingly, and provides you with a simple methodology for segmenting and automating communication to prospects specific to the buying stage they are in.

Cumulative-Response-Rate.JPGA prospect's social engagement with your company may be the missing link you needed to set expectations on where they are in the buying cycle. Perhaps they've visited your site… but weren't ready to purchase yet. Social media, feed subscriptions and email provide a means for the prospect to stay in contact until they are ready to purchase.

By observing their behavior… follows, likes, tweets, retweets, check-ins… social media can help move the prospect to the next step in the buying cycle. The ability to provide a path and move prospects through each nurturing stage drastically increases the number of qualified leads your sales team is provided. Right On Interactive clients have quadrupled their qualified leads using their customer lifecycle marketing software.

The difficulty, of course, is aggregating and scoring all of that content! Right On Interactive has done this in a clever interface that allows your company to utilize your existing CRM (ie. Salesforce) and ESP (ie. ExactTarget). Your data is batched, scored, and triggered campaigns are automatically executed from within their system.

Right On Interactive's Engagement Scoring

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Right On Interactive's Campaign and Tactics Execution

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Most companies don't have the resources needed to effectively nurture and move customers through their sales pipeline… so at a fraction of the cost of a salesperson or marketer, the platform makes perfect sense.

  1. Define the stages and gate criteria for your customer lifecycle.
  2. Consolidate multiple “silos” into a professional marketing database.
  3. Develop a process for marketing to systematically nurture leads and customers.
  4. Provide weights and values for profile and engagement scores.
  5. Align marketing programs, campaigns and tactics based on “where they are in the relationship”.
  6. Go beyond soft metrics and measure ROI.
  7. Incorporate social media to close the loop.

Right On Interactive also provided customer examples at the most recent Connections conference:

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