Robocalls- We won’t miss them!

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We all get them, and almost universally hate them, the annoying call promoting some product or event that plays a recording or, even worse, speaks to you in a mechanical voice.  Well, the FTC has enacted new rules and regulations regarding the placing of these calls.

Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC, had some pretty harsh words on the subject.

American consumers have made it crystal clear that few things annoy them more than the billions of commercial telemarketing robocalls they receive every year.

Starting September 1, this bombardment of prerecorded pitches, senseless solicitations, and malicious marketing will be illegal. If consumers think they?re being harassed by robocallers, they need to let us know, and we will go after them.?

This seems to be the toughest set of rules to date about this type of marketing, but there are some caveats that allow some groups to continue to use this technology.  Most of those revolve around informational vs. promotional messages.

The general gist is if you are calling to say that little Johnny's football game is canceled that's ok, but if you are calling to inform me of the wonderful new offer you have you might be in trouble to the tune of $16k per call unless you have my express written permission.   That could add up to a steep fine really quick if your company uses this type of broadcast technology.

View the FTC announcement providing and overview, or check out the final rule pdf.

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